Dave Palm

    Dave Palm

    April 19, 2017
    Track 2 - Change Management

    TITLE: Becoming More Relevant - Change Management

    Dave shares the journey 84.51° has been on to increase our relevancy through with our clients by embedding change management into their overall project management approach including upskilling both their team as well as their partners.


    Who is 84.51°?

    • Customer Science Company
    • Serving Kroger and their CPG supplier community
    • Heavy analytics, light on ‘customer experience’

    What problem were we faced with?

    • Our insights and recommendations weren’t being applied
    • We managed project well but we weren’t helping our clients change as our team didn’t know how to address
    • Our relevancy was slipping and a turbulent economy

    What did we do?

    • Researched change management
    • Aligned the approach with our team as well as our clients
    • Started learning
    • Created a methodology

    How did we implement?

    • Trained our PM team
    • Trained our organization
    • Trained our partners

    Did it work?

    • We assessed our ability to embed our insights and science into our partners organization
    • We had significant success on our first project (Center Store Design with Kroger…will share example)
    • We spawned a new expertise of CCP projects (Category Collaboration Projects) which brought us not only greater relevancy but also revenue.
    • Kroger eventually purchased us as a wholly owned sub.


    Dave Palm is Senior Vice President, Operations, 84.51°.  He understands both people and business, and has spent his career educating others on how the two intersect and the potential for growth through collaboration.

    At 84.51° Palm is responsible for driving the daily operations, as well as the its’ consulting practice, project and product management, communications and marketing and facilities. Palm plays a role in ensuring the growth of the company is sustainable, efficient and strategic.

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