PMP Exam Success

    Congratulations Chapter Members on Passing the PMP® Exam!

    The PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter wants to congratulate our PMP® Prep Class students on their PMP® exam success. The chapter and training team are thrilled and excited at the speed in which these students passed the exam! Their preparation, experience, and confidence made success possible.

    We provide a free PMI Dinner meeting to the students who pass PMP certificate within 6 months of our chapter class completion. Our chapter leaders will announce their names and give them the special recognition they both deserve. Here are success stories and tips from our successful PMP students:

    NEW! Corey Lamm, PMP: "The PMI Southwest Ohio prep course was great for familiarizing myself with the material and providing structure for reading and studying the chapters in the PMBOK. Once the class was completed, I took several practice tests to build the mental stamina needed for the exam and benchmark my progress. The Rita Fast Track exam simulator was easily the best practice exam with question difficulty closest to the actual test.” Passed PMP in April 2017

    NEW! Craig Latscha, PMP: "I began my PMI adventure by listing my objectives and reasons to attain my PMP certification. My PMP objectives drivers led me to study often and pass the test, so be sure to set your goals. I fully read the PMBOK and Rita books twice while doing all questions and highlighting many key points. I also did a slow pass for a third time one month before my exam date, only reading my highlighted text. I used lunch breaks and short 5-15 minute downtimes to review definitions and equations. By simply Googling PMI questions, I came across many Q&As and videos. I met with some classmates to review items I didn’t understand. Study burnout is real, so be careful. I set exam date in advance and did Rita disc short practice quizzes about 4-5 weeks out. Did full 4-hour test 3 weeks out and learned from mistakes. As the test date nears, don’t compress a lot into those final days before the test. I did, and my head ached. Lastly, a special thanks to class instructors team for their dedication.” Passed PMP in March 2017

    NEW! Joshua Markham, PMP: "The day after the class concluded I took a practice test using the RMC disc to benchmark my score against my desired score and identify areas needing improvement. I read these chapters again in PMBOK and RMC and supplemented with the RMC flash cards for two weeks and then scheduled my exam. I continued studying about an hour a night and then took another practice test a week before the exam to identify areas still needing improvement. The PMI SW Ohio class provided the structure I needed to keep myself accountable and class insight content that was very helpful on several difficult questions on the exam. I recommend the test prep class to anyone seeking PMP certification." Passed PMP in April 2017

    NEW! Chip Stewart, PMP: "“I read the chapters in the PMBOK and Rita book (without doing the exercises and end of chapter questions) for the class sessions. After the fall class was over, I followed the Rita method and read the Rita book the second time completing the exercises and end of chapter questions.

    I also purchased the PMP practice tests through I then re-read each chapter in the PMBOK and took the chapter tests on as well as the comprehensive tests. I then took the Rita test simulation exams three times.”
    Passed PMP in March 2017

    Kris Kazior, PMP: "I first set the target to give the exam around a month after completing the class and it forced me to follow the timeline. I studied throughout class, taking the practice exams and compiling a list of questions. After the class, I studied about 2- 4 hrs every day. Every day I practiced knowledge areas/process groups (I saw two crows quietly...) and memorized formulas! I took the 4-hour practice exam 3 times, kept a list of all the questions and tried to complete practice test in 3 hours. I took more practice exams on the areas where I was weak, met with a friend from class to study, etc. During the exam I used every bit of the 4 hours, remembered all brain dumps (as it was practiced nicely), use strike through and “marked for review” options." Passed PMP in Nov. 2016

    Tim Overholser, PMP: "I attended all class sessions. I read the PMBOK and the corresponding Rita chapter each week before class. I did all the practice tests. After each class I would re-read anything that still didn't sink in. After the class I re-read both books paying special attention to areas in which I felt I was weak. So some topics I ended up reading 3 or 4 times! I used some business cards where I wrote the 47 processes and learned how to organize them correctly, and did the same with the processes in Rita's book. Prior to the exam, I did one of the computer-based practice tests each day and then reviewed the questions I got wrong. The only thing I did the day before the test was to double-check that I knew the formulas and watch football!" Passed PMP in Nov. 2016

    Glenn Corbin, PMP: “In addition to reading Rita and PMBOK, I used the Head First PMP book by Jennifer Greene and Andrew Stallman. This book uses a lot of graphics in explaining the basics, more friendly exercises, and has chapter quizzes and a 200 question PMP test. When studying ensure you do the Rita’s chapter 3 process game multiple times during your months of studying and also understand page 76 in the PMBOK. I studied each process page from the PMBOK and went through every input, output and technique/tool. There are a ton of materials on the Internet for reference, clarification, comparison, and may free questions tests to capitalize. Take notes during chapters classes. Practice all problems multiple times and figure out what you want on your brain dump and practice it multiple times” Passed PMP in Apr. 2016

    You can also get your PMP certification! Our next PMP®/CAPM® exam prep class begins February 4. For more, click here.