Paul Baumgartner, PMP

    Paul Baumgartner
    April 18, 2017
    Track 3

    TITLE: COACH IT UP! Coaching Beyond the Project Resources

    In any project, roles are defined and project managers coach the project resources to top performance in these roles. Yet projects performed in today’s matrixed business environment require coaching beyond direct project resources. Does your project sponsor know what to do? Is the “championing executive” really championing? Do other stakeholders know how to apply their influence to the project’s advantage?

    Much of the role definition and fulfilment is shaped by you, in speaking for the needs of your project. Like a project, these needs are unique, and only you as the project manager can articulate them. This talk will explore how to define roles, surface gaps and “coach up” to ensure maximum involvement from your sponsor, boss, resource manager or any influential stakeholder in your project. With this insight, you’ll feel more empowered to drive your initiative to project success, knowing the common vulnerability of stakeholder engagement is well within your control.

    Unlike a professional trainer or consultant, Paul Baumgartner speaks to the “day-to-day” of project management as a practitioner in the trenches, enabling him to touch the heart-and-soul of a PM in his talks.  

    Paul currently performs a “trifecta” of project, program and portfolio management for The Christ Hospital Health Network in Cincinnati. To achieve project success in the highly challenging health care industry of today, Paul finds himself coaching and advising 24x7 to a vast array of subjects across the organization. Paul brought his PM challenges to light through several thought-provoking and humorous talks to Midwest PMI chapters and through project management teaching engagements for Xavier University, Boston University, the University of Phoenix and our own PMI chapter.  

    Paul currently writes professionally for As tribute to his 16 plus years managing IT projects, Paul recently received comSpark’s “Rising Stars” award recognizing Cincinnati’s future technology leaders. He has been involved with the Southwest Ohio PMI chapter since 1996, and he was one of the first 10,000 people in the world to earn the PMP.

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