Scott Pochron

     Scott Pochran

    April 19, 2017
    Track 3

    TITLE: Project Leadership: Riding the Waves of Organizational Change Towards Project Success

    Project managers typically do not have positional authority to drive change. Yet PMs are often uniquely positioned to understand organizational dynamics and anticipate needs that can lead to project success. In this session, leadership will be described as action in the process of making sense of the project at hand. A case study will be discussed in which project dynamics required a shift in methodology embracing a hybrid version of critical chain to achieve project success.

    Scott Pochron is the founder and CEO of Bridge Catalyst, a project coaching and consulting organization supporting digital transformation through leadership, project management and team development services.

    Mr Pochron holds a Masters in Organizational and Leadership Dynamics from Antioch University Midwest. He is a PMP, SCM and certified coach. 

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