Steve Martin

    Steve Martin

    April 18, 2017
    Track 4 

    : Co-create: How to Ignite Commitment in your Project Teams 

    Co-create is a integral change model containing four ideas that ignite meaningful conversations resulting in increased team member commitment. The core concept is highly committed teams create better results. Project leaders can create an environment enhancing commitment. Please join me and see how these ideas can help you improve your project leadership and outcomes!

    Steve Martin is the Vice President Organizational Development for TAKKT America. TAKKT America is part of an international multi brand B-2-B supplier with 7 companies operating in North America. Steve’s passion is to work with individuals and small groups on significant projects to enhance employee talent and engagement, customer satisfaction, and financial results. Steve earned a BS in Psychology from Northern Kentucky University and a Masters and Doctorate in Education from the University of Cincinnati. He is a lifelong resident of Cincinnati Ohio. 

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