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    Grow Your Network With PMI

    June 12, 2018
    5:30 PM to 8:00 PM
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    MadTree Brewing
    3301 Madison Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45209

    You've heard it - one of the best strategies in business is to build, maintain and grow your network. How do you approach your networking strategy?

    According to Rhett Power, Head coach, Power Coaching and Consulting for Inc. Magazine, try using these 5 tips to make it easier to start a conversation at your next networking event like this one:

    1. Look approachable. Even if you think you are the shyest person in the world, take a deep breath and stand where people can see you.

    2. Have a great handshake. When someone comes up to you--or you approach another person--use eye contact, a smile, and your confident handshake when you introduce yourself.

    3. Begin with a question. No matter what the event, you can initiate any conversation by asking a question. "Is this the first time you've been to this meeting?"

    4. Show interest and give compliments. Your sincere interest in another person will make networking easier.

    5. Develop your "elevator speech." Networking events--and most social get-togethers--offer you the opportunity to tell your story. 

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