Board of Directors Responsibilities

    The President shall preside at all business and Board meetings of the PMI-Southwest Ohio Chapter. The President shall perform all acts required or authorized by the Constitution and By-laws, and shall have such other powers and duties as may be assigned by the Chapter Board of Directors. The President shall be the official custodian of the Chapter Charter. The Chapter Secretary report to the President.

    President Elect
    The President-Elect acts as liaison to PMI Component Affairs, assists the President with operations and planning, and represents the chapter in the absence of or at the request of the President.

    Past President
    The Past President continues to serve the chapter following his/her presidency as a non-voting member of the Board of Directors to ensure continuity in officers and chapter operations. He or she shall be the liaison with the Executive Advisory Group, conduct elections, and provide guidance and counsel to the Board as needed.

    VP Communications
    The Vice President - Communications shall be responsible for keeping the membership and the community informed of Chapter activities through the production and distribution of the Chapter newsletter and flyers. He or she shall also solicit corporate advertising for such communication vehicles to both offset costs of publication and to inform the membership. The Marketing Director, Director of Career Connections and Webmaster report to the VP Communications.

    VP Finance and Administration
    The Vice President - Finance and Administration shall be the custodian of the Chapter Budget, Financial Records, and By-laws, and process proposals for changes in accordance with the By-laws. He or she shall also be responsible for financial planning to assure Chapter solvency and effective utilization of Chapter finances. The Director of Registration and Credit Card Administration reports to the VP Finance and Administration. The Chapter Accountant reports to the VP Finance and Administration.

    VP Marketing
    The Vice President - Marketing
    shall be responsible to plan and lead all activities related to the Chapter's marketing initiatives. The VP Marketing is responsible for developing marketing strategy that is aligned with the Chapter's strategic plan, lead the development and execution of the marketing plan, explore cross-functional co-ordination to create synergy among chapter programs. The VP Marketing also acts as a liaison between the SW Ohio Board, PMI's Regional Collaboration groups that are marketing specific, and the Corporate/Business clients of the Chapter. The program leads under the VP Marketing shall report to the VP Marketing.

    VP Membership
    The Vice President - Membership shall keep the official list of members, clearly indicating those entitled to vote, and shall actively work to gain new membership for the Chapter. He or she shall also be responsible for maintaining an accurate mailing list of current and potential Chapter members. The Director of Membership Growth and Retention, Director of Member and Chapter Relations reports to the VP Membership.

    VP Outreach
    The Vice President - Outreach shall be responsible for oversight of all activities related to Academia, Business and Community. He or she will be responsible for setting goals, defining the budget, coordinating the various outreach areas, supervising preparation of publications/communications and acting as the liaison between the SW Ohio Board, Community Organizations and Universities. The Directors of Outreach - Academia, Business and Community as well as the Volunteer Coordinator report to the VP Outreach.

    VP Professional Development and Education
    The Vice President - Professional Development and Education is responsible for providing leadership to the chapter in promoting project management professionalism through a program of educational seminars, workshops, presentations, and other services designed to help PM professionals achieve certification/credentialing and advance in their careers. The position also has the aspect of developing the profession – that is, increasing the respect for the PM profession in the larger community of professions.