Brian Levy

Brian Levy

March 22, 2018 | Technical Track

PRESENTATION: SAFe Portfolio Management

This session provides and overview of the Scaled Agile Framework principles of portfolio Management. It begins with a description of the agile principles surrounding portfolio management. The course includes a discussion on practical procedures for translating corporate strategy to initiatives and features. It concludes with practice techniques to ensure that the work done by the teams are properly aligned with the direction of the governance committee. This course is intended for those who wish to know more about the executive experience including how to facilitate mission, vision, strategic goals and decomposition into work items for programs.


Brian Levy, CEO at RomeAgile: With over 25 years of IT technical and management experience, as well as experience in finance, healthcare and telecommunications, Brian rapidly learns an organizations culture and utilizes his experience to deliver practical mentoring and training resulting in quick adoption of best practices. Rome Agile, Inc is a full-service global consultancy firm specializing in innovative software solutions, Enterprise-level agile and DevOps practices, providing managed services to help companies increase operational efficiencies, go to market faster and become more productive.