Dave Davis

 Dave Davis

March 23, 2018 | Leadership

PRESENTATION: Leadership When The Project Crashes

The odds are high that some point in your career, you are going to be in the Project Management Hot Seat.  The Project you are managing, or a project in your Program, is causing major problems for the business and your name is all over it.  This is when you demonstrate your leadership ability. Most Leadership webinars provide leadership information for sunny day situations, but a crisis is when you have to lead in a crisis.  It is a given that preventative behavior is the best leadership to avoid the crisis, but sometime even with the best planning - it happens!  This webinar will discuss several approaches you will need to perform to lead the organization through the crash.  You will need to take ownership, referee emotional conflicts, make quick critical decisions, rally the task completers to make sure they are focused on the right activity, you will need to provide status to key stakeholders, you will need to provide a sense of control to get US through the crisis, and you will need to provide a definition of success for the organization through the crisis. 


Mr. Dave Davis. Dave Davis, PMP, PgMP, & PBA is a practitioner of project and program management and a recognized professional in the field of helping businesses implement change.  With over 30 years’ experience in private enterprise as a manager, project manager, program manager, business analyst, and knowledge manager.  Dave holds 3 master’s degrees including an MBA and eBusiness Project Management. He has published many articles and delivered presentations throughout the world; including the PMI Pulse of the Profession, PMI Benefits Realization Framework, and a subject matter expert in the PMI Global Conference “Ask an Expert” kiosk.  As far as a real job, Dave is currently a Senior Program Manager for Ohio Healthcare implementing an ePMO and managing Merger & Acquisition projects. Prior to that, Dave worked for General Electric focused on implementing the “Digital Thread” combining IT and manufacturing within a Program called “Brilliant Factory”.  He is also chairman of the Judy Hug annual Christmas Event and an active member of several other service organizations including: Mobile Meals, ALS Walk, S.A.V.E., and Nightingale's Harvest.