Dr. Lynda Kilbourne

Dr. Lynda Kilbourne

March 22, 2018 | Strategy and Innovation Track

12:35 - 3:05p

PRESENTATION: Experience Change - Mini-Simulation 

Why do so many strategies stumble at the point of execution?

When change keeps coming, how do you keep everyone aligned, engaged and moving forward?

You have great ideas and strategies for the future, but that’s no guarantee those solutions will deliver on their promise.

In fact, in all too many cases, strategies fail to realize their full potential because the people required to bring those new ideas to life struggle to commit to a new way of doing things. In the process, they waste time, energy and money— and end up with a dusty collection of best-kept secrets that never reaches the level of scale where real impact happens.

If you want to run an agile organization that consistently achieves impact, then you need people who are ready, willing and able to execute on new ideas. Best-practice models, frameworks and tools help. But success also requires new mindsets and reflexes that can only be developed through experience.

Tom Merrill will lead PMI participants through the ExperienceChange™ mini-challenge that teaches both the “what to do” and “how to be” of successful change. Backed by more than 20 years of research, industry insights and results, it combines proven change management theory with hands-on practice in an engaging, low-risk simulation experience.


Dr. Kilbourne teaches, consults and does research in the areas of organization design and development and strategic human resource management. Her research focuses primarily on the interface between how organizations are designed and perceptions, judgment and choice processes, organizational justice, and creativity. Two issues of special importance are how those variables affect organizational success and how they are affected by, and affect, organizational change.

She holds a BA and PhD from the University of Texas and serves as a member of the Kentucky Civil Air Patrol.