Holly O’Driscoll

Holly O'Driscoll

March 23, 2018 | Strategy and Innovation Track

10:50 - 11:50a

PRESENTATION: Creating Innovative Solutions 

Creating innovative solutions is exhilaratingly difficult. Too often, seemingly good ideas fail to excite customers, leaving organizations emotionally and financially exhausted. A paradox has emerged as a result: leaders demand “innovative ideas”, but because risk-aversion infects decision making, mediocre solutions prevail. Design thinking is an approach that helps to synthesize people’s needs, an idea’s technical feasibility and its overall business viability. The best way to develop the associated skills, mindsets and reflexes is through experience. Participants in this workshop will learn the overall methods of the process, with an emphasis on empathy and observation.


Holly O’Driscoll is a champion of human centered design and innovation. She has trained thousands of people around the globe on the method and mindset of Design Thinking in her role as Global Design Thinking Leader. In this role, she has programmed and facilitated more than 200 Design Thinking experiences, often at the request of senior executives. Holly’s passions include problem framing, applying design thinking to organizational design and strategy, connecting people and ideas, and creating conditions that allow human creativity and curiosity to thrive.

Throughout her 21+ year tenure with P&G, Holly has built a reputation as a human centered innovation strategist & facilitator, often challenging assumptions while unleashing the potential of individuals, groups, and ideas. Having spent time in both the technical and commercial sides of the business, Holly is an effective translator between left brain analytical approaches and divergent right brain styles. As a result, she has experienced the value that diversity of thought, experience, and mindset can bring to solving a wide variety of business challenges.