Marcie Lensges

Marcie Lensges

March 22, 2018 | Leadership Track

1:30 - 3:00p

PRESENTATION: Lessons on Critical Leadership Behaviors from Agile and PM-2

A perineal question is how to lead projects. Many smart, well-intentioned people have wrestled with this for decades. What is some of the most current thinking? We draw our ideas from two sources.

First, what does the Agile movement tell us? We will spend a bit of time describing these lessons. Second, PMI organized a small, global group to develop a course called PM-2 (Project Leadership, Teamwork and Communications) that ideally will help project managers who are PMPs develop into outstanding project managers. We will also briefly describe these lessons. Then we will discuss the five main ideas these two sources have in common: satisfy the customer, collaborate, develop trust, develop people, and improve.

We will then challenge the participants to brainstorm and record both challenges to implementing some of these cutting-edge ideas and methods of overcoming resistance to them. Participants on each topic will report their main ideas to the entire group and we will summarize. We will collect all of the ideas on challenges and methods of overcoming them and email them to the participants.


Marcia (Marcie) L. Lensges, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of management in the Williams College of Business at Xavier University. Marcie received a Ph.D. in Business Administration from The University of Cincinnati. Her research areas include organizational justice, employee-supervisor relationships, and Agile project management. Marcie has published in the Journal of Management Inquiry, the Oxford Handbook of Leader-Member Exchange, and the Oxford Handbook of Organizational Paradox. She has taught courses on Project Management, Managerial Behavior, Organizational Behavior, and Business Strategy. Before becoming an assistant professor, Marcie worked for large corporations such as P&G and IBM.