Mark Wavle

 March 23, 2018 | Technical Track

12:50 - 1:50p

PRESENTATION: Facilitation Fitness - Get Your Collabortion in Shape 

Our organizations, technologies, and solutions are facing more change and complexity than ever before. Solving these complex problems requires creativity and teamwork, and teams need support and guidance to maximize their interactions. But if we want to stay in top form, we have to exercise these skills.

What shape do these collaborative conversations take? What approaches and techniques do we need to strengthen? Through workouts (activities) and discussion, we`ll flex our skills and practice ways to guide these discussions through the necessary stages to reach a valuable conclusion.

Let`s get our facilitation in shape!

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the shape of collaborative conversations

  • Recognize where the conversation is & where it needs to go

  • Pick up & exercise techniques to help facilitate


Mark is an experienced Agile practitioner, coach, and Professional Scrum Trainer for Cardinal Solutions. As a sought-out speaker and trainer, he has created and delivered training and presentations at a number of companies, industry groups, Agile meetups, and conferences throughout the central and eastern United States, including the international Agile 2014 convention.

Nine years ago, Mark joined a Scrum team, later taking on Scrum Master activities. He has found the approach empowering and energizing, and is now consulting with other Scrum teams and organizations throughout the region, training and coaching them in their agility.

Outside of work, Mark loves making music, learning, and enjoying time with his wife and two energetic boys.