PMP Exam Success

    Congratulations Chapter Members on Passing the PMP® Exam!

    The PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter wants to congratulate our PMP® Prep Class students on their PMP® exam success. The chapter and training team are thrilled and excited at the speed in which these students passed the exam! Their preparation, experience, and confidence made success possible.

    We provide a free PMI Dinner meeting to the students who pass the PMP certificate within 6 months of our chapter class completion. Our chapter leaders will announce their names and give them the special recognition they both deserve. Here are success stories and tips from our successful PMP students:

    NEW! Deena Hummel, PMP "I studied 3 hours each evening Monday through Thursday and 5-6 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Read Rita book four times taking extensive notes and making sure I could connect concepts from all chapters. Also used Rita flash card set to validate understanding of concepts. I took two simulated exams through FASTrack. I memorized process group and knowledge area map on page 25 of PMBOK and used that as my brain dump during test” Thanks to the PMI Southwest Chapter for the class, help and support! PMP 2019 Winter Class, passed in May 2019

    NEW! Marylee Dunphy, PMP "I studied 1-2 hours every day and 5-6 on Saturday. Took Rita’s 4-hour test simulation and reviewed the problem areas for the past 6 Saturdays. I practiced Rita’s Process Chart until memorized. I made about 300 flash cards for myself in the last 2 weeks. was a huge help. I downloaded PMP Cram Session, PMP Exam Prep Seminar, PMP PMBOK 6 Practice Exams: Set one and two, PMP PMBOK 6 Vocabulary Exams – all by Joseph Phillips. I paid about $10 for each set. It was well worth it because it gave me another way to look at exam questions. Also, I have been in a 1-hour study group at work since November 2018. We met once a week and reviewed Rita’s book and then focus tests. I also prepared a brain dump and wrote it every day for 2 months. Thanks to the PMI Southwest Chapter for the great class that was taught!” PMP 2019 Winter Class, passed in May 2019

    NEW! Jim Watkins, PMP "Once a day, every day, I did Rita’s online Process Chart game, until I could complete the game without any errors; it took 39 days. Also read one chapter a day from Rita’s book. Printed all 49 processes, each process on a separate page, showing Inputs, Tools & Outputs. I hung the papers on my office wall, so I could see relationships and review them in groups.Starting the 3rd week post class, I did one complete Rita Fast track exam every Saturday morning. Took 2 regular exams and 1 Super PMP test. Then switched to the Focus tests. After each test, I focused on gaps in my knowledge of incorrect answers and went back to re-read those pages in the book. I studied 1-2 hours every evening and 4+ hours every Saturday." PMP 2019 Winter Class, passed in April 2019

    Cathy Coletts, PMP. “Scheduled my exam six weeks out after the class ended. Set a daily study plan that included reviewing the Rita chapters, taking the practice exams in each chapter, and then taking two online PMFASTrack practice exams. I completed all these activities well before the exam but had personal family issues just two weeks right before the exam and that left me emotionally drained. Still I took the exam as per scheduled and failed the first time. I revived again after few days and decided to take exam again in six weeks after the first exam. I blocked my calendar, used my original plan again, added in flash cards I’d written, started using the PMP Tutor app and the PMP Formulas app. The key was one hour of study EVERY day without fail. I was charged and succeeded in my 2nd attempt. They say we learn more from our failures that we do our successes!” PMP 2018 Fall Class, passed in December 2018

    Brian Berry, PMP. “Study combined with the chapter (SWOH) Prep Class, holistic way concepts from class instructors, and the Rita guide helped to pass the exam. Started getting up an hour early for study every weekday starting prep class days till exam day for around two months. Referring PMBOK pg 25/264, Rita Pg 519/629 helped in formulas and brain dump. Reading Rita guide along with Prep Course, taking Rita chapter tests, reading again for gaps. Completing 200 question PMFASTrack, analyze results, identifying gaps, and re-reading chapters to bridge knowledge gaps. Again repeated the same cycle with next 200 question from PMFASTrack test. This helped to build confidence, knowledge and practice.” PMP 2018 Fall Class, passed in December 2018

    Paul Fellinger, PMP. “Created a study plan of 26 days on my calendar at detail level with self accountability. Downloaded PMP apps on phone to get daily 10 test questions and set reminders to test those questions. I sincerely read the relevant PMBOK chapter before Prep class and read the relevant Rita chapter after class. After prep class ending, Day 1-10, Reread entire PMBOK and took the relevant Rita book test. Day 11, took a practice exam. Day 12-21, Re-read entire Rita and relevant Rita book test. Day 22, Practice Exam. Day 23-26, focused on weaker areas as identified by the practice exams. Day 27, took exam and passed PMP!” PMP 2018 Fall Class, passed in December 2018

    Rosemary Haverkos, PMP. “I owe my success to not only the winter class, but the friendships made. Thanks to Peggy, Sam and Raquel, our Saturday study group. I also used the Rita books, and took some online classes to keep the motivation up. I spent around 10 hours a week working on my knowledge. Thanks again for all the help from all the instructors and the time that they took to share their knowledge.” PMP 2018 Winter Class, passed in Auguest 2018

    Ron DeJonckheere, PMP. “My success was the classes and reading PMBOK before or right after the class. During the classes there were many hints and tips shared by the instructors on how to look at the key points of the knowledge areas. l then read the Rita book a chapter at a time and took the focused online tests for each knowledge area. I studied and took numerous practice tests. I wrote the formulas until I memorized them. I only had to use formulas for maybe five questions.” PMP 2018 Winter Class, passed in Auguest 2018

    Amy Sharon, PMP: “Since we didn’t have the Rita reference book yet for CAPM, I used the pocket prep app and Breanna (class colleague) and I meet weekly to go over each chapter. I also utilized the slides from class and a chart of the processes and ITTOs.” PMP 2018 Winter Class, passed in Auguest 2018

    Peggy Mowry, PMP. “My study group, Rita chapter reviews, Rita flipbook, Rita exam simulator and the focus tests; plus I also did a Udemy Cram session which helped review everything. And practice exam questions. I had an app, Udemy and Rita. The questions from Rita were the best and more like the actual exam. The class was great and all the study tips each person gave was helpful. Thanks to chapter for doing the class.” PMP 2018 Winter Class, passed in July 2018

    Timothy Neely, PMP: "My individual study focused mainly on using the Rita book, flash cards and online test simulation. I also ordered the PMP flash cards from PMI also downloaded an app called PMP Pocket Prep. After reading through the Rita book completely and highlighting key concepts and points in each knowledge area I started taking focused tests using the Rita online test software. It helped me practice on weaker areas. I went back through the Rita book chapters and reviewed my highlighted areas, with more emphasis on the PMP formulas, forward and backward pass, tools and techniques in each knowledge area. I also reviewed the Agile notes from the course slides. I think the last week of study focus really helped me pass the PMP. I want to thank the PMI Southwest Chapter again for sponsoring a very useful and informative PMP Prep Course. I found that the course helped me to understand the knowledge areas and gain useful tips for passing the PMP. PMP 2018 Winter Class, passed in May 2018

    Matthew Elias, PMP: "The prep course was very beneficial to someone not very familiar with PMI. The Rita book was a terrific resource and one that I spent the most time. I read the PMI book and Rita twice. The first time I highlighted as I read, the second time I read and absorbed much more. My second time through the Rita book, I took the end of chapter practice test and gauges where my weak areas and would go back to understand those areas. After reading twice, I took the first practice Rita exam and scored 80%. I reviewed all incorrect answers and reread the difficult chapters. I took a second practice exam a week later (a few days before PMP) and scored 81%. The day before, I skimmed again the difficult chapters but did not do any major studying. I also downloaded the Pocket Prep PMP exam and paid a fee of $30. . It was helpful to have a resource on my phone since that’s something we always have on us. My advice is to not wait and drag out the studying. The material will never be as fresh as it at the end of the course. Two months was plenty of time studying, focusing 30-45 minutes at minimum each night. PMP 2018 Winter Class, passed in May 2018

    Aaron Flora, PMP: "We had a study group together and met about once every other week in addition to a lot of studying on our own. What I found most helpful aside from the class (which was the most helpful) were the practice questions... I used free PMP prep apps to take hundreds of practice questions in addition to doing all of the questions from the Rita book. Additionally, I found an app where all of the definitions from each chapter were read aloud, and I listened to it while driving via Spotify.

    The exam length was not an issue for me, since it took me 2.5 hours to answer the questions and just under 1.5 hours to review all of the questions. Doing questions repetitively helped me gauge how they would be asked and heightened my working pace. Thanks to the chapter again for putting together an excellent class!“ PMP 2018 Winter Class, passed in May 2018

    Aleshia Hospelhorn, PMP: "I found my study group, the Rita flip cards and the summary of the chapters in the PMBOK very useful. I also tried to find as many practice questions as possible. This class was very beneficial! Thank to chapter for everything done for the class the class!” PMP 2018 Winter Class, passed in May 2018

    Seth Bitter, PMP: "My exam approach after completing the winter class was to re-read Rita in 45-minute chunks each day. I then took a practice exam to get my initial bearing on strengths and weaknesses and then spent two weeks combing through the Rita chapters on those weak areas. I then took another practice exam to refine my weak areas even further and spent the days leading up to the exam reviewing the specific formulas and terms I knew I wanted to have fresh in my mind.

    Overall, I found that taking the practice exams was incredibly helpful in me gaining the confidence to actually take the test. I loved how I was able to clearly see the areas where I needed to do some further reading and then go in and take targeted mini-exams on just those topics. Thanks for administering our class and thanks to PMI SW Ohio for offering it! This is a huge accomplishment in my professional career.” PMP 2018 Winter Class, passed in May 2018

    Susan Leung, PMP: "Thanks to the chapter for help. The class and all the tips the instructors provided really helped. I also formed a study group with 2 others I met during class.” PMP 2018 Winter Class, passed in May 2018

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