PMP Exam Success

Congratulations Chapter Members on Passing the PMP® Exam!

The PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter wants to congratulate our PMP® Prep Class students on their PMP® exam success. The chapter and training team are thrilled and excited at the speed in which these students passed the exam! Their preparation, experience, and confidence made success possible.

We provide a free PMI Dinner meeting to the students who pass the PMP certificate within 6 months of our chapter class completion. Our chapter leaders will announce their names and give them the special recognition they both deserve. Here are success stories and tips from our successful PMP students:

NEW! Timothy Neely, PMP: "My individual study focused mainly on using the Rita book, flash cards and online test simulation. I also ordered the PMP flash cards from PMI also downloaded an app called PMP Pocket Prep. After reading through the Rita book completely and highlighting key concepts and points in each knowledge area I started taking focused tests using the Rita online test software. It helped me practice on weaker areas. I went back through the Rita book chapters and reviewed my highlighted areas, with more emphasis on the PMP formulas, forward and backward pass, tools and techniques in each knowledge area. I also reviewed the Agile notes from the course slides. I think the last week of study focus really helped me pass the PMP. I want to thank the PMI Southwest Chapter again for sponsoring a very useful and informative PMP Prep Course. I found that the course helped me to understand the knowledge areas and gain useful tips for passing the PMP. PMP 2018 Winter Class, passed in May’2018

NEW! Matthew Elias, PMP: "The prep course was very beneficial to someone not very familiar with PMI. The Rita book was a terrific resource and one that I spent the most time. I read the PMI book and Rita twice. The first time I highlighted as I read, the second time I read and absorbed much more. My second time through the Rita book, I took the end of chapter practice test and gauges where my weak areas and would go back to understand those areas. After reading twice, I took the first practice Rita exam and scored 80%. I reviewed all incorrect answers and reread the difficult chapters. I took a second practice exam a week later (a few days before PMP) and scored 81%. The day before, I skimmed again the difficult chapters but did not do any major studying. I also downloaded the Pocket Prep PMP exam and paid a fee of $30. . It was helpful to have a resource on my phone since that’s something we always have on us. My advice is to not wait and drag out the studying. The material will never be as fresh as it at the end of the course. Two months was plenty of time studying, focusing 30-45 minutes at minimum each night. PMP 2018 Winter Class, passed in May 2018

NEW! Aaron Flora, PMP: "We had a study group together and met about once every other week in addition to a lot of studying on our own. What I found most helpful aside from the class (which was the most helpful) were the practice questions... I used free PMP prep apps to take hundreds of practice questions in addition to doing all of the questions from the Rita book. Additionally, I found an app where all of the definitions from each chapter were read aloud, and I listened to it while driving via Spotify.

The exam length was not an issue for me, since it took me 2.5 hours to answer the questions and just under 1.5 hours to review all of the questions. Doing questions repetitively helped me gauge how they would be asked and heightened my working pace. Thanks to the chapter again for putting together an excellent class!“ PMP 2018 Winter Class, passed in May 2018

NEW! Aleshia Hospelhorn, PMP: "I found my study group, the Rita flip cards and the summary of the chapters in the PMBOK very useful. I also tried to find as many practice questions as possible. This class was very beneficial! Thank to chapter for everything done for the class the class!” PMP 2018 Winter Class, passed in May 2018

NEW! Seth Bitter, PMP: "My exam approach after completing the winter class was to re-read Rita in 45-minute chunks each day. I then took a practice exam to get my initial bearing on strengths and weaknesses and then spent two weeks combing through the Rita chapters on those weak areas. I then took another practice exam to refine my weak areas even further and spent the days leading up to the exam reviewing the specific formulas and terms I knew I wanted to have fresh in my mind.

Overall, I found that taking the practice exams was incredibly helpful in me gaining the confidence to actually take the test. I loved how I was able to clearly see the areas where I needed to do some further reading and then go in and take targeted mini-exams on just those topics. Thanks for administering our class and thanks to PMI SW Ohio for offering it! This is a huge accomplishment in my professional career.” PMP 2018 Winter Class, passed in May 2018

NEW! Susan Leung, PMP: "Thanks to the chapter for help. The class and all the tips the instructors provided really helped. I also formed a study group with 2 others I met during class.” PMP 2018 Winter Class, passed in May 2018

Zeldon Pitts, PMP: "I wanted to thank you for your emails of encouragement to continue striving to pass the PMP examination. Since the winter 2016 class, as with many folks I’m sure, work and life became unexpectedly challenging. That coupled with bit of laziness and exhaustion, led to my pursuit of the certification falling to the wayside.

Your most recent email letting us know that the test would be changing after March, lit a fire in me to finish what I started. I just wanted to let you know that I did successfully pass the exam and attain my PMP certification and also to thank you for those emails. They do not fall on deaf ears. I’m not one for fanfare, so I’m not looking to have this sent out. It really is more of a personal ‘Thank you’ for your instruction and continuing support and encouragement to reach for our goals." Passed PMP in March, 2018.

Erin Nester, PMP: "My method of study involved re-reading the books, doing exercises at the end of chapters, listening to the flashcards on CD, study group with Matt, Bryan and Brooke, doing the process chart game, doing practice questions from the CD, and downloading an app - PMP pocket prep. I also practiced my dump sheet.

Honestly, I found the exam more challenging than anticipated. I would say I would have felt better had I focused more on quality and risk, as well as inputs and outputs. I did not have a single question that required formulas! Thank to chapter for getting me prepared for this challenging endeavor. I'm quite proud of my accomplishment!" Passed PMI in February, 2018

Carrie Hatfield, PMP: "I really appreciated the help I received during the classes. After classes ended, I went back through each chapter and spent at least a week at a time on each subject. I watched a YouTube video series that took a deep dive into the PMBOK, this helped with ITTO's and read Rita's chapters after. I repeated this process through all chapters. I listened to the hot topics in the car for 4 months! After I was done with the books I took my first stab at Rita's FastTrack test. I got a 74%. Then I took the Super PM and got a 64% that was painful but very motivating. So I took and tracked several on-line tests and my scores went up. I then did 60 Rita questions for each process and each knowledge area. LOTS of QUESTIONS are KEY. I didn't worry about time but I look at the answers after each choice. If I got it wrong I noted it or looked up why if I didn't get it still. Days before the test I took Rita's FastTrack test getting an 84%, then Rita's Super PM test getting 74%. I wanted these final tests in to high 80 or 90's so I had a high level of confidence. Prayer helped a lot too! Best of Luck. ADVICE: Knock it out and get it done before too much time passes since the classes.” Passed PMP in January 2018. 

You can also get your PMP certification! Our next PMP®/CAPM® exam prep class begins in September. For more, click here.