Regional Chapters

    PMI Region 4

    The Project Management Institute Southwest Ohio Chapter (PMI SWOC) is a member of Region 4. 

    About PMI Region 4 - East Central North America:

    PMI region 4 (also known as East Central North America) covers six states in North America - Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. There are 24 PMI chapters in this region and approximately 23,000 members. Of the 15 PMI geographical regions worldwide, region-4 is the world's largest PMI region in membership.


    Binghamton, NY Chapter
    Buffalo, NY Chapter
    Central Ohio Chapter
    Delaware Valley Chapter
    Erie, PA Chapter
    Great Lakes Chapter
    Hudson Valley, NY Chapter
    Keystone, PA Chapter
    Long Island, NY Chapter
    Michigan Capital Area Chapter
    Michigan Huron Valley Chapter
    Michigan Thumb Chapter
    New Jersey Chapter
    New York City Chapter
    Northeast Ohio Chapter
    Pittsburgh Chapter
    Rochester Chapter
    Southwest Ohio Chapter
    Syracuse Chapter
    Upstate New York Chapter
    Westchester, NY Chapter
    Western Lake Erie Chapter
    Western Michigan Chapter