Troy Bitter

Troy Bitter

March 23, 2018 | Leadership Track

9:40 - 10:40a

PRESENTATION: Working in a World of Ambiguity

We deal with ambiguity every day. Which path to take to work to beat traffic? Which line to choose at the grocery store? It’s a stress that we are accustomed in our normal day.

However we are not comfortable with ambiguity in our projects. We want requirements reviewed & approved & locked down. Ditto for designs. Yes we have a change request process. It would just be better if we get it right the first time and don’t need to use it.

On a project (and in life), change is one the certainties. Instead of fighting the currents of the sea of ambiguity, let’s learn to navigate it better.

I’m talking to you.

Leaders who serve up ambiguity to their teams. How to use it effectively and when it is less favorable.

Those who receive this ambiguity need to learn to sit with it before taking action. Finally, it will be time to stand in ambiguity and take action.

Take a seat, grab an oar, and let’s get in the sea of ambiguity.


Troy is a Project Management leader with over 20 years of expertise spanning financial services, manufacturing and distribution, R&D, and business process outsourcing. He has worked on small and large projects, witnessing the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to project delivery.

Troy’s perspective and insights have been shared at several conferences including Agile Cincinnati, multiple PMI chapters, and several books and articles. Troy is active with PMI, including being an instructor since 2010. He works for Sogeti USA focusing on Procter & Gamble account.