Understanding the pathways and key success factors in making the journey from Project to Product. This presentation will cover changes needed across your organization and the challenges you may face in making a similar journey. We will share learnings that we discovered during our ongoing transformation.
Keywords or Outcomes:
  • Understand the key success factors in making the journey from Project to Product.
  • Learn what challenges you may face in a transformation

Agile Center of Excellence Leaders, Great American Insurance Group

AnnMarie Pursel

AnnMarie Pursel has worked at Great American Insurance for 28 years and currently leads their Agile Center of Excellence. She's been a key leader in their transformation to Agile for many years and is now taking the next step in their journey to move from a Project Methodology to a Product one.


ePMO Lead, Great American Insurance Group

Lisa Boerger, PMP

Lisa Boerger joined Great American in 2019 to lead one of the large system development programs and since joining the company, now is the ePMO lead for multiple strategic project portfolios and has developed a project management Center of Excellence to support project management across the organization.

During her career, Ms. Boerger has led projects and programs in a variety of industries including insurance, healthcare, clinical research and IT. Her experience includes traditional, Agile and hybrid project management techniques in complex system environments along with building project management organizations to execute projects in a variety of methods.