The Importance of Deploying People By Michele Thomas-Dixon

Darrin Murriner set us straight, explaining what it means to deploy people and giving us a sneak peek of what we can expect to learn: 

PMI: What does it mean to “deploy people?”

Darrin: When we talk about deploying our team members, we talk about positioning them. How are you positioning our people? Are our team members positioned for success based on the plays we’re calling? When we position them, we need to consider the character of each person. There are ways, Darrin says, to ensure each team member is in the right position, doing the right “thing” on the project. This will ensure successful project outcomes.

PMI: It helps the project, but what does this mean for the people, the team members?

Darrin: People are more engaged. They feel like they can do the work, like they’re being set up for success. They are not being asked to do things they are not in a position to do and not feeling like they’re being set up for failure. We’ll have happy, engaged team members versus those who hate what they’re doing and can’t wait for the work to end.

PMI: What will you discuss with at the dinner meeting?

Darrin: I’ll provide background on teaming, team failure rates, why teams fail, and how to deploy people to help their teams succeed. There’ll be examples as well as an interactive exercise to help identify unique characteristics or traits about people and show how to leverage those unique characteristics within teams. This can also help reduce conflict within teams.
Darrin is the author of Corporate Bravery and cofounder of, a team-building platform that takes common assessment data and helps managers create high-performing teams. Prior to founding Cloverleaf, Darrin held roles at Arthur Anderson, Fifth Third Bank, and Munich Re. It was his experience leading and participating on teams at these organizations that fed his interest and expertise in what he calls the “people dynamic.”

It’s easy to tell team members, “focus on your task” and think that will drive you team’s success. But the success or failure of team-based work comes down to the characteristics of the individual and communication between team members.

Making the Intangibles Tangible: A Primer on Deploying People
Facilitator: Darrin Murriner
September 13, 2017; 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Summit Park Community Room
4335 Glendale Milford Road
Blue Ash, OH 45242

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