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PM Academy - Be an Instructor on a Paid Contract

PM Academy - Be an Instructor on a Paid Contract

Interested instructors, we have 3 recurring sessions planned - only 30 minutes!

Are you looking for a side-hustle? Ways to give back to our community? Wanna foster youth development and potential for socio-economic mobility?

Project Management Academy in local high schools creates career pathways with PM training & certification. #PjM is looking for experienced #Project, #Program, #PortfolioManagers who are interested in teaching #ProjectManagement for 1-2hr/d, 5d/wk, ~5mo. Classes begins this fall, reach out now to join a team!

Where & When:

  • 1-2hrs Min Daily - Seeking available PM's to work one hour (one “bell”) each day, plus travel to and from the assigned high school, likely the same time every day for at least one year. More options are available for more than one school for those who have availability & interest. 
  • 18w semesters for 2xSemester commitment - The class will be repeated with a different 25 students for the second semester. Compensation is expected to be similar to a substitute teacher, i.e., approximately $125 per day, or $600 per week.
  • Prep Training Required, starting as early as Summer 2022 for as early as Fall 2022 - There's 20+ hours of preparatory teacher training will be provided before the class started,

Who & What:

  • Starts with PM 101 Intro Course - The contracted individual will serve as the classroom teacher for the “Project Management Academy 101” class, nominally 25 students mostly consisting of 10th graders.
  • Volunteer PMs from the PMISO chapter will be recruited to visit the classroom and support the teacher in facilitating the classes.
  • Curriculum Architecture & Materials provided - Instructor is expected to follow I.P. developed by Transform Consulting & PMI SWO. A curriculum architecture, detailed lesson plans, teacher’s guides, student worksheets, master PowerPoint, tech equipment, & other materials are provided.
  • This is a multi-year cohort-based approach - If the Year 1 program is successful, the employment can expand to cover more than one bell per day, perhaps up to full-time. 

Please submit your resume or your questions to our buddy, Doug:

Doug Arthur, Principal Consultant & Co-Founder at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Interested in being a PM Academy volunteer for PDUs?

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