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Project Manager - Covington, KY

Project Manager - Covington, KY

Project Managers are in charge of planning and overseeing projects, keeping them on time and below budget. They are to communicate with the client and collect project updates. They should be able to evaluate, measure, and mitigate risks when they arise. A project manager is an advocate for the project. They also prepare estimates, planning materials, and other administrative documents. They also schedule, coordinate, and lead meetings with clients and developers.

Successful project managers in this position are detail oriented, have an interest in the tech industry, new product development, and startups, plus motivation to research and implement best practices for software development teams.

We are hiring initially for part time (20 hr/wk), to become a full time position (~40 hr/wk) in the July-August time frame. Retirement benefits, PTO available, health insurance estimated to be available Q1 2021.

Qualifications: Must have completed a Bachelor’s degree or plan to by Spring 2020. Project Managers must have strong communication and organizational skills, familiarity with software development processes and team management principles.

Interested parties can apply here:


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