PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter

ACP Exam Success

ACP Exam Success

Congratulations Chapter Members on Passing the ACP® Exam!

The PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter wants to congratulate our ACP® Prep Class students on their ACP® exam success. 

We provide a free PMI Dinner meeting to the students who pass the ACP certificate within 6 months of our chapter class completion. Our chapter leaders will announce their names and give them the special recognition they both deserve. Here are success stories and tips from our successful PMP students:

NEW! Terrie Gibbons, ACP: “I purchased the audio book and listened to it on my commute each day. I then read each chapter as I completed the audio chapter then answered the questions at the end of the chapter. Reviewing each answer I was unsure of, even if I guessed right. After reading and listening to the entire book, I took the RMCL online simulation. I took the focused areas wherever I scored less than 80 to reinforce knowledge gain. I also reviewed all of the pictures I took during the training to reinforce my understanding. Thanks to all instructors and everyone who made the class fun and instructive." Passed ACP in April 2019

NEW! Pamela Riede, ACP: "I bought the audio version of the RMC PMI-ACP book and listened while I drove. I flipped thru the flash card book over the last few weeks whenever I was waiting for something or not able to really dig in. I made a 1-pager for each chapter and took the tests at the end of each chapter. Finally, I took 2 practice exams. I was passing all of the exams so even though I disagreed with some answers (or didn’t understand some), I felt I was ready so took the real test. During test, I found that every single question was situational and 90% had more than one right answers. Thanks to all instructors and everyone who made the class. As a class, it was a great fun, a great learning from each other and was inspiration to study for exam.” Passed ACP in March 2019

NEW! Tim Kloppenborg, ACP: “The class and materials were instrumental in my success. I read a few sections in the book after class, figured out my velocity, figured if all went well I would be ready by March 4th, and gave myself a 2 day cushion. I highlighted a bunch in the book so I would know what to review. I alternated between that, the flash cards, my class notes, and pictures of our class flip charts. They worked together well.” Passed ACP in March 2019

Dan L. Whitacre, ACP, PMP"My success was due in large part to the Prep Class and the teams that presented content and helped me think through and assimilate the Agile Practitioner concepts. While I think I had/have a really good understanding of the Agile Manifesto, the class helped me assimilate the PMI-isms that are required to pass the test (and there’s a bunch of them). And, that test is not an easy read. Seems the test preparers purposely try to obfuscate questions and prospective answers; it felt like I was being thoroughly hazed during the 2:45 minutes I was in the test center.

Finally, thank you for “flipping the class” and glad it was decided to use elements of the ~Scrum framework for class. That turned the training into an excellent experience for me. And “thank you!” PMI-SWO Chapter.” Passed ACP in March 2018

You can also get your ACP certification! Look for announcements for our fall class in 2019.