PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter

PMP Exam Success

PMP Exam Success

Congratulations Chapter Members on Passing the PMP® Exam!

The PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter wants to congratulate our PMP® Prep Class students on their PMP® exam success. The chapter and training team are thrilled and excited at the speed in which these students passed the exam! Their preparation, experience, and confidence made success possible.

We provide a free PMI Dinner meeting to the students who pass the PMP certificate within 6 months of our chapter class completion. Our chapter leaders will announce their names and give them the special recognition they both deserve. Here are success stories and tips from our successful PMP students:

NEW! Michael Kramer, PMP "Many thanks to the training team, PMI of Southwest Ohio. Through the training tools offered, it enabled me to successful pass the PMP test. It requires a lot of self-study. Southwest Ohio help made the PMP information digestible. The Rita Mulcahy’s material was great way to get through the material. Tips:

  • Read the Rita Mulcahy book in during class weeks to stay up on the reading and reviewed (reading highlights, questions, exercises) twice afterwards
  • Read PMBOK PDF when ever possible; in the car, on a plane, etc.
  • Study Agile PMBOK appendix, I had at least 50 questions it seemed or Agile guide questions with PMP processes.
  • Review the Rita Mulcahy (RMC) Hot Topic flash cards
  • Took RMC Exam prep simulated exam 3 times
  • Created brain dump sheet for 49 PMBOK processes, formulas and self-study flash cards" PMP 2019 Fall Class, passed in December 2019

 Alex Ziegler, PMP "How I prepared for the exam:

  • I took the chapter preparatory course (10 sessions over 5 weeks)
  • I stayed on top of the reading, reading the Rita chapters prior to attending class.
  • I took the end of chapter questions. Overall averages prior to attending the class averaged around 70% across all chapters.
  • I listed in class for helpful hints or PMI’isms and took notes.
  • Post course I had the following study plan: study on sat 6 hours study during the week 2-3 hours a day. I had several sections highlighted to tackle first (lowest) but would still review all other sections as well.
  • In all I probably read the entire RITA book atleast 2 times. Troublesome sections were probably read 3 times.
    • I did not hold to this study plan and ended up studying less than the initial goal. I felt guilty about this, but by the time I had finished studying I felt perfectly prepared and did not feel that additional hours would have added significant value. At the end of the day I suppose purposeful quality studying is better than quantity.
  • I did not think that I would read PMBOK cover to cover, as prior to the class I had attempted long readings of the PMBOK and it put me to sleep. However I did use it as a reference for missed questions, and with all of the referencing and skimming I did, I think I did end up reading the whole PMBOK. It did not put me to sleep the way it did before the prep-course, but I think this is more due to the fact that I wasn’t trying to read the entire thing, but purposeful reading of a portion in reference to a particular topic or question.
  • The first thing I spent time to memorize the processes on PMBOK (35?). I felt this exercise was greatly valuable, and focused the rest of my studying in terms of which process step was the question referring. Something that helped me memorize was to memorize the order of the 10 knowledge areas, and then the number of processes associated (7,6,6,4,6,6,3,7,3,4) with each of these. The last thing I did was write out many times where every process fit in terms of knowledge area and process group. (start with blank table and then fill out).
  • Then I looked at which questions I got wrong during the Rita first pass. I re-read the areas which were very low, studied, and then re-took the questions until comfortable with my understanding of the concepts.
  • After studying for 2-3 weeks I took a first practice test. At this point I was very nervous because in my mind I had been slacking off (not studying as much as I had intended). However I got 76% on this first practice, and I still had another 5-6 weeks, so I had much more confidence moving forward.
  • I spent a great deal of time after the test reviewing the practice, starting with incorrect and flagged questions, and then a quick pass of the correct questions, to make sure I understood why I got them right.
  • I took a few smaller quizzes (IE 10-20 questions). I scored between 78% and 95% on these.
  • I took a few more full practices and a “super PMP practice”(only hard questions) all of the practice tests were from the fasttrak tests that came with the prep course. All of these were at 80-81%
  • I read and familiarized myself with the entire PMBOK glossary. My thoughts on this were that if I got a term that I did not recognize from my studying or reviewing the glossary, then it could not be a correct answer and could be eliminated. In all, I probably read the glossary 4 times.
  • During practice tests and the exam: try not to sweat the hard questions too much. You will miss questions, and that’s ok, you can miss enough and still pass. More important is to keep your emotions in check during the exam so you can dedicate sufficient focus to each question. Mark questions you aren’t positive on, and use time at the end to come back and review those. I did not use a brain dump, but during my preparations I did memorize certain items as if I would be using a brain dump." PMP 2019 Fall Class, passed in December 2019

 Michael Gurr, PMP "I studied approximately 4 hours every day since class concluded in October. I spent most of my study time reviewing all of the Rita book chapters and completing chapter quizzes to ensure that I understood the concepts. In addition to the Rita book, I also spent a lot of time taking online practice tests. Thank you to the PMI Southwest Chapter for the help!" PMP 2019 Fall Class, passed in December 2019

Deena Hummel, PMP "I studied 3 hours each evening Monday through Thursday and 5-6 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Read Rita book four times taking extensive notes and making sure I could connect concepts from all chapters. Also used Rita flash card set to validate understanding of concepts. I took two simulated exams through FASTrack. I memorized process group and knowledge area map on page 25 of PMBOK and used that as my brain dump during test. Thanks to the PMI Southwest Chapter for the class, help and support!" PMP 2019 Winter Class, passed in May 2019

Marylee Dunphy, PMP "I studied 1-2 hours every day and 5-6 on Saturday. Took Rita’s 4-hour test simulation and reviewed the problem areas for the past 6 Saturdays. I practiced Rita’s Process Chart until memorized. I made about 300 flash cards for myself in the last 2 weeks. was a huge help. I downloaded PMP Cram Session, PMP Exam Prep Seminar, PMP PMBOK 6 Practice Exams: Set one and two, PMP PMBOK 6 Vocabulary Exams – all by Joseph Phillips. I paid about $10 for each set. It was well worth it because it gave me another way to look at exam questions. Also, I have been in a 1-hour study group at work since November 2018. We met once a week and reviewed Rita’s book and then focus tests. I also prepared a brain dump and wrote it every day for 2 months. Thanks to the PMI Southwest Chapter for the great class that was taught!” PMP 2019 Winter Class, passed in May 2019

Jim Watkins, PMP "Once a day, every day, I did Rita’s online Process Chart game, until I could complete the game without any errors; it took 39 days. Also read one chapter a day from Rita’s book. Printed all 49 processes, each process on a separate page, showing Inputs, Tools & Outputs. I hung the papers on my office wall, so I could see relationships and review them in groups.Starting the 3rd week post class, I did one complete Rita Fast track exam every Saturday morning. Took 2 regular exams and 1 Super PMP test. Then switched to the Focus tests. After each test, I focused on gaps in my knowledge of incorrect answers and went back to re-read those pages in the book. I studied 1-2 hours every evening and 4+ hours every Saturday." PMP 2019 Winter Class, passed in April 2019

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