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PMI Southwest and Dayton/Miami Valley Ohio Chapters have collaborated equally to produce a premier virtual conference for project and program professionals. Your generous sponsorship will ensure the success of Summit 2022: A New Path Forward in a Challenging Environment.

These two local Project Management Institute (PMI) Chapters have a long track record of hosting excellent professional development conferences called “Summit.” Chapters support Project Managers of all types and skill levels in very dynamic organizations. Project Managers practice Agile and Traditional Predictive methods in various industries and agencies. They typically make or have significant influence in staffing, product, tools, and service provider decisions. Between Cincinnati and Dayton, these chapters have in excess of 2000 active members and Summit events attract a good portion of these members and non-members alike – locally across the tri-state, but also around the globe. 

Leading organization in various areas, industries, and communities can exhibit their message before a large audience of new and experienced project management practitioners, many in technical fields. These Project Managers & Leaders are in high-influence and decision-making roles within their respective organizations. Different levels of Sponsorship are available based on the amount of visibility, connectivity, and level of influence they desire. 

This is your opportunity to talk to potential customers and/or employees from all over the tri-state region. Please review the sponsorship package page to discover the benefits of partnering with PMI Southwest Ohio and PMI Dayton Miami Valley Chapters. Contact email address to learn more about benefits you can get for being a sponsor.

Interested in becoming a Conference Volunteer Coordinator, let us know!

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