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Deer Park High Project Management Academy - 101

PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter needs Professional Project Managers who are seeking to contribute to "up & coming" academic communities as a Volunteer Subject Matter Expert for the Project Management Academy. Volunteers will help Students explore the ways a professional project manager earns his or her keep by sharing stories from real life careers.

No requirements to create anything, no certifications required - only bring your invested professional experience in project management & your time to help PM Academy students!

How long does it take?
Volunteers only need to commit a minimum of 1 hour to add great value. We are accepting volunteers for the current academic year. If you cannot attend onsite or remotely during the available time slots, we'd still be more than happy to have you contribute in other ways by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • 5-10 minutes preparatory review online - of provided materials before scheduled sessions to fuel a good story. 
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before scheduled sessions - to setup with the Instructor, onsite or remotely. 
  • Participate when guided by Instructor during scheduled sessions – at least 50 minutes per session.
  • Possibly answer questions after the session

Participate multiple times a week, month, or year across an entire academic calendar year.

Participate multiple times a day, week, or year across an entire academic calendar year, where Volunteers may choose to contribute as much as 4 hours per day covering all 4 sessions each day.

What do I need to do?
Volunteers will simply be themselves and have stories in mind to share with the topics the Instructor is presenting.

  • No requirements to create anything, no certifications required - only bring your invested professional experience in project management & your time to help PM Academy is students! 
  • The Instructor distributes & presents all content, and then looks to Volunteers to help answer questions about real-world use of the concepts by rotating through Student Cohorts. 
  • Volunteers prepare a story or two from their experience to enhance & relate to PMI best practices, with topics & materials in advance on a shared website for electronic review.

    Materials were already created during the Academy Curriculum Creation Workshops held in 2015. Curriculum includes 7 Units plus exams and capstone presentation for each 18-week semester, with 2 semesters per academic year.

Where do I need to go & when?
The Academy offers weekly unique Volunteer Service opportunities either in-person or attending remotely. Please participate with whatever time you have to give.

  • Onsite Live Volunteer - Deer Park High School in the Career Academies Building at 8351 Plainfield Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236.
  • Virtual Live Volunteer - using Google Hangouts with Deer Park High School technology.
  • Scheduled classes occur each weekday. Student Cohorts are spread consistently across the scheduled classes per day consecutively - Student Cohorts are spread consistently across the scheduled classes per day consecutively, in PM 101 and PM 201 courses.

Can I Earn PDUs?
If you are required to achieve standards as part of the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Program, this opportunity is part of the “Giving Back to the Profession” category. Credential-holders may earn PDUs by providing volunteer, non-compensated project management services to a non-employer or non-client group. Project Management Academy allows volunteers to provide mentoring and coaching through this program that is relevant to project management, meeting the specified purpose per Topic in each of 7 Units, while using knowledgeable resources. PMP credential holders may manually self-submit to PMI one (1) PDU for each hour of this non-compensated service.

What is Deer Park Career Academies?
Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School added Deer Park Career Academies to the electives available to its students in 7th through 12th grades, enhancing the real world career experience in an exploratory setting. After successful completion in its initial 2015/16 academic year, Deer Park intends to continue “Project Management Academy” as its third academy offering. This was created in partnership with the PMI Educational Foundation, PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter, and curriculum architect Doug Arthur of Transform Consulting.

Partners involved in the program are piloting opportunities for Senior High School Students to advance to the next course levels in progressively applying their 101 course level work into enhanced, real-life project management application via joint projects with other areas of the DPHS Career Academies offerings in subsequent semesters.

This 18-week course will introduce high school students to the principles of project management and give them the experience of applying these principles to both their ultimate career aspirations and the everyday “project management challenges” of every high school student. The course will survey the PMBOK and touch all key domains, from scope, time, and cost to risk, integration, and stakeholder management. Teams will spend the semester working on a capstone community service project that they will pitch to a panel of PMI SMEs at the end of the course, simulating an attempt to “win the contract” to do the work.

Partners involved in the program will begin exploring opportunities to offer Senior High School Students the next course to progressively apply their 101 course level work into enhanced, real-life project management application via joint projects with other areas of the DPHS Career Academies offerings in subsequent semesters.

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Deer Park High Project Management 201

Course Summary
Students who have completed Project Management 101 are candidates to participate in Project Management 201 at Deer Park Career Academies.

In this 18-week elective, students are placed on teams of up to five members. They spend the semester planning and executing a project that they select from a master list of 30 approved projects, utilizing skills they learned in PM101. The role of “project manager” for each team is rotated around the team members during the semester to ensure each student has adequate time in the PM role.

Each team is assigned to a professional project manager as their coach. After an initial face-to-face kick-off meeting at the school, the coach joins his/her team on-line (Skype, Google Hangout, etc.) for a 15-minute guidance and oversight session at a minimum once per week during the remaining 17 weeks of the semester.

The first four weeks are typically used for project planning (project charter, scoping, WBS development, budgeting, staffing and risk management.). The remaining 14 weeks are for project execution, including monthly progress reporting.

The approved project list includes such projects as a book drive, a walk-a-thon, creating gift baskets for military personnel overseas, for example.

Selected project coaches have the choice of providing the services as a volunteer, receiving professional development hours credit from PMI (if they are a PMI member), or receiving a fixed stipend fee of $500 for services at the end of the semester. In either case, the project manager coach will be asked to keep track of his/her time on a time log.

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Tristate Veterans Community Alliance with PMI SWO Military Outreach

Project management employers have expressed to our Chapter locally & to PMI globally that they value military experience. Industry research suggests strong ties between military experience and the success of candidates interested in becoming a project management practitioner. This is why PMI SWOH Chapter is happy to have TVCA as a Key Partner in our Community Outreach & Educational programs.

Further, the TVCA has developed a program to enable veterans to support other veterans in the community through organized service projects. It is called the Community Veteran Volunteer Program. You don’t have to be a veteran to sign-up but you have to want to work beside them on various community projects. It’s fun, it offers hands-on project management experience, and it helps both veterans and our community at the same time. Please fill out the form below if you would like to have one of our partnership representatives contact you about getting involved in education and employment opportunities with this Partnership.

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