HELP! You’ve just been asked to recover a bet-the-company project. Failure is not an option. In this session you will learn from the speaker’s experience and published literature what you can expect when recovering a project, in terms of what’s important, what to avoid, and what aptitude (and attitude!) to display to turn the project around. Paul has recovered over a dozen high-stakes projects in his 23 year project management career, with which he has developed a recipe for project success as a long-term company project and program manager. Project recovery is a unique form of value delivery, and with a few practical tips and techniques from this session, you’ll see that a project recovery assignment can give you skills and confidence that take your project management career to the next level.
Attendees of this session will learn the most common catalysts of a project in need of recovery. Role confusion, scope misunderstanding and stakeholder identification are among the most common catalysts. This talk will also be of value to those running projects that are on-track, so they can avoid their projects turning into a recovery project.

Attendees will also learn that running a recovery project may be their best opportunity to showcase their hard and soft skills of project management. Many projects need recovery because short-cuts were taken in the start-up or planning phase, or sometimes project management was not performed at all.
Most importantly, being assigned a recovery project builds your resilience, and in turn, it prepares you for top performance in all subsequent projects you will run. Having successfully turned around a recovery project will give management the confidence that you’ll deliver on whatever they throw at you."

Senior Staff Technical Program Manager at GE Aerospace

Paul Baumgartner, PMP

Paul has delivered several thought-provoking and humorous talks for PMI chapters throughout the Midwest. Paul’s trademark is speaking to the heart-and-soul of the project manager, from the trenches of a 23-year career managing projects. Paul is a natural at presenting, and has taught project management for Xavier University, Boston University, the University of Phoenix, the Southwest Ohio PMI chapter and for numerous employers. Paul’s 23 articles written professionally for have been very well received by the global PM community. He presented a paper on IT integration projects for the PMI Congress. His lifetime commitment to project management is evidenced by being one of the first 10,000 people in the world to earn the PMP.