PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter

Summit 2021


Virtual Summit 2021:
Change Can Be Scary

1 Day. 3 keynotes . 4 tracks . 16 Speakers . earn up to 19 PDUs


About the Virtual Conference

Change takes many shapes and sizes for organizations and individuals. It is ever-present, unending, and unsurprisingly may create hesitancy and even fear in so many people.

Summit 2021 is an exciting collaboration between the PMI Chapters of Southwest Ohio and Dayton/ Miami Valley  Ohio to help professionals lead change. These two Chapters unite this October in an annual single-day professional development event to help you develop terrifying skills to be a Project Management Changemaker!


Friday, October 29, 2021
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET


PLUS everyone who registers for the Virtual Summit 2021 wins a chance for a pre-registration prize (free ticket [$69 value] to the virtual International Project Management Day conference - IIL’s International Project Management Day Online Conference | IPM Day 2021). You can earn up to 26 PDUs at this live event on Thursday, November 4th. On-demand access will be available after the live day until February!

Track 1: Scary Monster Projects

Ever hear of a project run amok. Perhaps been on such a scary ride? This track will investigate scary projects great and small. Scary Projects require great strategy. Sometimes we learn more from failure than success. So this track will provide some candid appraisals of the good, the bad, and the ugly of “Scary Monster Projects!”

Track 2: Risk Management Skeletons in the Closet

All major toolkits, frameworks, and methodologies seek to shine a light on Risk. We all need to wrestle Risk under control. SAFeTM ROAMs risks. The PMI Risk Management Plan includes a Risk Register to analyzes positive and negative Risks and to help plan mitigations. Even as we prioritize Risk in our agile backlogs, it pops out of the proverbial anxiety closet. Come to this track to hear from the best. Let’s share wins and losses in the Risk battles and our “Risk Management Skeletons in the Closet!”

Track 3: Get Wicked Results

Been on, or currently on, a project with wicked problems? This track reveals a Halloween ‘Grimmerie’ (book of spells) to help you solve some Wicked problems. Scope, Equipment, Technology, Data, People, Schedule, and Budget all present Wicked problems. Come to this track from the pros to hear about taking on Wicked problems to “Get Wicked Results!”

Track 4: Many Masks of Servant Leaders

Protect the team. Carry food and water for the team. Host the team’s party. Be the Servant Leader. Bring the two pizzas to keep the team moving when the going gets tough. Come to this track to hear about Servant Leadership and alternatives. Bring home the inspiration and tools. Listening, empathy, foresight, persuasion, building community, and many other abilities headline the value of this track. Tools, Deliverables, and Enablers abound. Pros will discuss which to use in this track discussing the “Many Masks of Servant Leaders!”