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Andy Burns

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Andy Burns

PMP, PMI-ACP, CDAI, CDC, SPC, founding member of the Siemens Digital Industries Lean Agile Center of Excellence (LACE)

Why be a Servant Leader, Be a Host!

Project Managers frequently embrace the paradigm of Servant Leadership. Agile may in dubious fashion raise Servant Leadership to the level of unquestionable dogma for Scrum Masters and Release Train Engineers. But is Servant Leadership as a metaphor and as a practice comprehensible and actionable? Let’s ask this forbidden question in our session, “Is Servant Leadership the best or only way to go?” Many of us only understand the concept of Servantry from occasional watching of Downtown Abby.

However, everyone, all cultures, have a concept of being a ‘good host.’ Aside from being a metaphor in our collective consciousness, being a Host includes facilitation patterns for the Party. The facilitation patterns are applicable to all project management practices. Let’s have a project management agile party! Come and join!

Leadership PDU: 1

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the concept of Host leadership
  • Understand the four positions of a Host Leader
  • Understand the Six Roles of a Host Leader
  • Applying Host Leadership to the Retrospective

About Andy Burns

Following the SAFe roadmap at Siemens Digital Industries Andy stood-up more than a dozen Agile Release Trains (ART) for more than 1,200 Software Engineers. Over the course of this global rollout, Andy trained all SAFe modules worldwide, in person, and in live-virtual classrooms.

Using good practices from any agile source Andy actively coaches with the Disciplined Agile toolkit. As an Instructor (CDAI) and among the few Certified Disciplined Agile Coaches (DAC) worldwide Andy opposes the Agile Industrial Complex by encouraging everyone to ‘be agile’. Teaching live-virtual courses including DASM, DASSM, PMP, PMI-ACP, and SAFe allows Andy to promote ‘being agile’ by relating his work and to lean-agile theory. Andy was a longtime volunteer with PMI at the Local and Global level always advocating continuous learning.

Come hear from someone who embraces ‘thinking differently’ and ‘being agile’ over ‘doing agile.’ The information offered up by Andy is a solidarity commitment to Project Managers who will lead the way helping everyone adapt to today’s challenges!