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Andy Kaufman

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Andy Kaufman

Project Management & Leadership Keynote Speaker, Author, & Coach, Podcast Host

Six Strategies for Dealing with Ghoulishly Difficult Stakeholders

Have you ever lost sleep because of a difficult stakeholder? Maybe it was a boss, peer, or someone on the other side of the business. Perhaps it was worry about having to deal with them in an upcoming meeting. Or ruminating about how they are an obstacle to progress on a project. 

So much of our success leading and directing projects comes down to our ability to influence our project stakeholders. Experience teaches us that managing their expectations and building rapport with our key stakeholders can make an enormous difference in our ability to successfully deliver. But the truth is some of our stakeholders are difficult. And though you can unfriend people on social media, you can't unfriend a stakeholder--you have to learn how to deal with them. 

In this session, Andy Kaufman shares six strategies for dealing with difficult stakeholders. There are no simple answers but these are strategies that Andy has shared with clients around the world, and you're invited to see which ones you can put into place.

 After all, you deserve a better night of sleep!

Strategic & Business Management PDU: 1

As a result of this keynote, participants will be able to:
  • Describe more broadly what a stakeholder is and how managing their expectations is so critical to project success.
  • Explain the difference between "keeping stakeholders informed" and "keeping them satisfied."
  • Describe practical strategies to help deal with and influence difficult stakeholders.

About Andy

Andy Kaufman is a recognized expert on leadership and project management. He is the President of the Institute for Leadership Excellence & Development Inc., which helps organizations around the world improve their ability to lead and deliver. In addition to running the Institute, Andy works with leaders at the United Nations to improve their ability to deliver on their initiatives. He teaches MBA classes at Loyola Chicago’s Quinlan School of Business and works with global clients, such as Marriott International, Microsoft, United Airlines, Grainger, Takeda, Credit Suisse, AbbVie, ExxonMobil, and JPMorganChase. Before becoming an internationally sought-after speaker, Andy started as a software developer and was promoted into management for all the wrong reasons! As he grew from frontline manager to senior leader, Andy developed approaches for leading and delivering that he now shares with audiences and coaching clients around the world. He is an author and the host of the acclaimed People and Projects Podcast, which provides interviews and insights for his global listeners on how to lead and deliver.