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Jesse Fewell

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Jesse Fewell

Founder & Principle Coach, Fewell Innovation, LLC, Author, Coach, and Trainer

Quantify your Culture! - How to Measure & Visualize your Culture Transformation

Have you been confused or frustrated by the fuzziness of the culture conversation? Have you wished for more specifics and clarity than just "Our culture needs to be more agile"?

In this dynamic presentation, you will use a research backed data instrument to plot your cultural transformation on a graph, revealing unexpected truths.

What if we could measure our degree of frustration with limited creativity? What if we learned that frustration was only in one department? What if we could use that data to inform which practices to choose and where?

During this super practical session, we learn how to use real data to design and describe your transformation with more credibility than ever before.

Strategic & Business Management PDU: 1

Learning Outcomes:
  • How to measure and plot your organization's cultural bias

  • How to use that data to articulate your agile transformation

  • How to use that data to choose which practices to use and where

About Jesse

Jesse Fewell has mentored thousands of technology professionals across 14 countries to improve their teams & companies using Agile methods.

A management pioneer, he founded the original Agile Community of Practice within the Project Management Institute (PMI). Since then, he has promoted modern management by defining or refining three industry certifications, and authoring publications reaching over a half-million readers in eleven languages. His industry contributions have earned him a IEEE Computer Society Golden Core Award.

Today, he specializes in helping tech professionals get the reward of transforming their office, driving results, & changing lives.