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Mary Verrone

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Mary Verrone

Global Organizational Change Management Leader | PROSCI | MS-Info. Sys. | MBA | PMP | Transformation | ❤️ Helping People Adopt Change

The People Side of Change

Risk management is the most important skill a project manager needs to have.  If risks aren't identified and managed with mitigation or contingency plans the project manager often takes the entire blame, damaging our reputations. Strong reputations get us better projects. 

In this segment, Mary will specifically address change management, the people side of change.  She'll cover how to identify and manage adoption risks to become an amazing changemaker! 

Strategic & Business Management PDU: 0.5 | Leadership PDU: 0.5

As a result of this keynote, participants will be able to:
  • Understand what is Organizational Change Management and the Risks to End User Adoption
  • How to Identify and Mitigate Adoption Risks
  • How to use data to Measure Adoption

About Mary

70% of Change Initiatives fail! As a change manager, Mary ensures people adopt change while reducing resistance, resulting in increased productivity, engagement, and return on investments, focusing on the people side of change. She is an independent consultant with Change Management Pros and consults at Fortune 100 companies. She spent 18 years at Mars, (makers of M&M’S®, Pedigree® and Uncle Ben’s Rice®) to drive transformational change.

Mary’s success is attributed to passion for creating and implementing process, technology and organizational change to deliver transformations. She’s managed teams directly and indirectly, earning team engagement awards for her creative and human centric approach to managing others.

Mary has led global organizational effectiveness projects that changed organizations and disrupted the marketplace. In addition, she has a passion for people and drove the creation of the Mars Presentation & Leadership Training Program, resulting in hundreds of people facing their fears and becoming leaders by applying change management methodologies. As a PMI volunteer, Mary won the Volunteer Q4 2020 award for NJ Chapter’s having great energy and commitment to the success of their programs and is presenting at the September 13, PMI Symposium.

Seasoned and certified change management consultant with Fortune 100 business experience in CPG, Manufacturing, Insurance and Pharmaceutical industries. Mary is a Prosci Certified Practitioner, working on her Prosci Advanced Practitioner certification. She is certified in Project Management with a PMP certification and is also Design Thinking certified. In addition, she an MS-IT and an MBA to deliver transformational results.

In her presentations, she’s a storyteller full of energy to share her knowledge with others. She will teach project managers about adopting organizational change, human behavior, sponsorship, and organizational change agility. She will encourage others to reflect on a change they are working on and applying change management to drive that change.