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Matthew Gentile

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Matthew Gentile

MBA, CMA, PMP, CFO | Project Controls Executive | Management Consultant w/ expertise in Engineering, Construction, Capital Programs

A Death Spiral and a Turnaround

It is said that one bad project can take down an entire company. That was the case when this 100 year old engineering & construction firm made the perfect storm of mistakes.

Imagine being newly hired to run a major firm, and within 3 months having to tell the emperor he has no clothes. This is the story of the groundwork this company unknowingly laid to predicate its demise, and the heroic efforts we made to return it to financial stability.

Leadership PDU: 1

Learning Objectives:
  • What is a Project-driven organization
  • Introduce the concept of Project Controls
  • How one bad job can take down a company and how to recover

About Matthew

Mat Gentile founded Gentile Consulting Group to help Owners, Executives, and Project Teams improve their business, profit, projects, and lives.  He's spent his career taking firms to the next level of business performance, by professionalizing smaller firms and bringing larger ones back to basics. 

Mat has held the positions of CFO, COO, and VP Project Controls with a range of companies from Goldman Sachs to Alstom Power (Switzerland) to family owned firms.  He’s consulted on some of the worlds most renowned programs including the $20B World Trade Center Redevelopment.  Mat holds an MS in Engineering from Columbia University and an MBA in Finance from Yale University.  He’s a CMA, PE, and PMP.

Mat believes business should be uncomplicated - his philosophy is grounded in People, Process, Projects and Strategy. He encourages streamlining, standardized processes, pragmatic management tools, business discipline, and straightforward communication.  He specializes in integrating Project Controls with the financial, operating, and organizational infrastructure of the firm, and enjoys working with Owners, Senior Executives and Project Managers to support their success. 

Mat can be reached at 860.575.1281 or matgentile@hotmailcom.