Military Outreach Volunteers

    TVCA's mission is to better align community support for veterans and their families, especially those that are new to our area. Their vision is that the Greater Cincinnati region is a preferred location for veterans and their families. To make the Greater Cincinnati region a preferred location for former Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard service members and their families because the employers, veteran support organizations and existing veteran support network are aligned to welcome and seamlessly support them in their transition from military life to becoming active members of our Tri-state community.

    The project management profession is an ideal career for military veterans transitioning into the civilian workforce. Their skills are directly transferable to the project management profession. Leading cross-functional teams to ensure accomplishment of mission objectives (strategic leadership skill), managing budgets and scheduling activities (technical skills), and conflict mediation and performance appraisal (soft skills), are all key proficiencies military veterans and project managers share.

    Project management employers have expressed to our Chapter locally & to PMI globally that they value military experience. Industry research suggests strong ties between military experience and the success of candidates interested in becoming a project management practitioner. This is why PMI SWOH Chapter is happy to have TVCA as a Key Partner in our Community Outreach & Educational programs.

    Further, the TVCA has developed a program to enable veterans to support other veterans in the community thru organized service projects. It is called the Community Veteran Volunteer Program. You don’t have to be a veteran to sign-up but you have to want to work beside them on various community projects. It’s fun, it offers hands-on project management experience, and it helps both veterans and our community at the same time. Please fill out the form below if you would like to have one of our partnership representatives contact you about getting involved in education and employment opportunities with this Partnership.

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