Each agile project leadership role (product owner, scrum master, and engaged team member) is different, but each can perform better by using some of the same leadership values. Of course certain roles rely more on one leadership value than others - such as a scrum master using the value of relationships to act as a servant leader. Agile project leadership behaviors are grouped into three values of responsibility, respect, and relationship. When a person uses all three values, they lead from the front, middle, and back.
Responsibility is the first value. As a person leads from the front with a project vision, each person feels and acts on their responsibilities, more and better work will be accomplished. Respect is the second value. As a person leads from behind by showing respect, team members and other stakeholders are more likely to be engaged and develop. Relationship is the third value. When a person leads by accompanying people from the middle, everyone develops a strong sense of relationship with other team members and other stakeholders, and we are to better achieve success together.
Learning Outcomes - Participants will be able to describe the value of:
  • responsibility by acting as a role model and leading from the front as a transformational leader.
  • respect by creating trust and leading from behind as a developmental leader.
  • relationship by developing an engaging environment and leading from the middle as a servant leader.

Professor Emeritus, Xavier University

Timothy Kloppenborg, PhD, PMP

Timothy J. Kloppenborg, PhD, PMP, ACP, DASSM is a Professor Emeritus from Xavier University. His 13th book, Be Agile Do Agile, and his 14th book, Contemporary Project Management 5th Ed., have been recently released.

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Kathryn N. Wells, PMP

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