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Chapter Elections 2021

PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter
Chapter Board of Elections

The Southwest Ohio Chapter holds an annual election for rotating offices of the Board of Directors. Elections will be held in early fall, exact dates will be announced shortly.

Election FAQ

What are the benefits?

Serving on the PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter Board of Directors takes time and dedication, but it is not without its rewards.

Board Members:

  • Further the development and advancement of the project management profession locally in Southwest Ohio.
  • Opportunities for career visibility and leadership growth.
  • Opportunity to expand your network and knowledge with other professionals.
  • Access to the best practices and trends in project management.
  • Have a voice in the strategic direction of the chapter.
  • Earn PDUs: Category E Volunteer Service - serve as an elected volunteer officer for a project management organization including PMI chapters for a minimum of 3 months
Are there current opportunties?

We are currently looking for leaders to join our dynamic team to serve starting in 2022.

Our board positions are:

  • President Elect (1 Year) who also serves as President (1 Year) the following year
  • Vice-President of Administration (2 years)
    • Associate VP of Administration
  • Vice-President of Finance (2 years)
    • Associate VP of Finance
  • Vice-President of Marketing (2 years)
    • Associate VP of Marketing
  • Vice-President of Membership (2 years)
    • Associate VP of Membership
  • Vice-President of Outreach (2 years)]
    • Associate VP of Outreach
  • Vice-President of Professional Development (2 years)
    • Associate VP of Professional Development
  • Vice-President of Training (2 years)
    • Associate VP of Training
  • Vice-President of Digital Transformation and Technology (2 years)
    • Associate VP of DTT

Details of roles and responsibilities can be found here

How do I know if I qualify?

In order to run in the election, a nominee must:

  • Be a Chapter member in good standing at the time of the election
  • Agree to serve in the position for which he or she is nominated
  • Nominations are submitted by an e-form, which will be opened during the nomination process window.
  • Any Chapter member in good standing may nominate another member or themselves.
  • In case of any questions, please email
What is the process for 2021?

The Southwest Ohio PMI Chapter holds an annual election for rotating offices on the Board of Directors. Elections will be held in early fall, exact dates TBD.

After the Election Committee has formed, we will execute the following steps:

1. Call for Nominations

2. Nominee Confirmation Process

3. Nominations Closed

4. Ballot Announcement

5. Nominee's Presentations to Membership

6. Election Open

7. Election Closed

8. Election Results

9. Results Presentation at Chapter Meeting

10. Transition Period. Incoming board members begin the transition

11. Incoming board members take office on Jan 1, 2022

Call for Nominations