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In-person Events Committee

In-person Events Committee

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All PMI Southwest Ohio activities and events will be held virtually through remainder of 2021, and we are launching an "In-person Events Committee" to provide guidance & policies in late Q4-2021 for returning in-person for early Q1-2022. Please sign up here to join the committee!


It has and still is a difficult & complex situation to navigate, and this was not taken lightly; it was decided by PMI SWO Board vote from information gathered in PMI public member forums, PMI public member survey, 25 July 2021 Guidance for PMI GHQ, local guidance across the Tri-state, local & regional employer guidance, and overall governing & advising bodies globally. We need help to charter & execute a Committee for:

  • Team Leadership and liaising between Board & Committee
  • Legal & advisory site navigation as well as coordination with PMI SWO Insurance Policy Guidance
  • Policy, process, & procedure creation as well as collaboration with PMI GHQ
  • Content to maximize understanding, experiences, and consistency
  • Execution Framework & structure to follow processes & procedures
  • Escalation Framework for handling obstacles, issues, & shut-down



Leadership soft skills & comfort with negotiating work distribution. Works independently and brings experience using Microsoft Office/M365, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Teams. Comfortable coordinating with new teams to build work plans & develop relationships. Understands the basics of Kanban for managing work in a team. Ideally have at least one team member who has worked on a COVID-19/Coronavirus taskforce before. 


Board Sponsor: Dan Eslinger, President Elect

Volunteer Hours: 4 to 8 hours per month

** Volunteer PDUs can be earned with this role, up to 5-10 per year**

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Questions/Inquiries: If you have any further questions about this role, contact: Dan Eslinger, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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