Interview with Joel "Thor" Neeb, President of Afterburner, by Katarina Triguba

    Afterburner has helped their clients see great success by utilizing the Flawless Execution process. One client was able to increase their completion rate from the average of 33% up to 91%. Their highest ticket order value originally was 30 million.

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    Keynote Spotlight on "Humor Engineer", Andrew Tarvin by Katarina Triguba

    Andrew Tarvin is a speaker, author, coach, & self-proclaimed “humor engineer.” He started his career after college as a Project Manager at Procter & Gamble. He quickly found that his sense of humor was pertinent to engaging his team and driving projects.

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    Perspectives on Women in Technology and comSpark Tech Innovation Summit by Michele Thomas-Dixon

    We have seen the news: gender discrimination lawsuits at various corporations, including Google. Yes, GOOGLE.

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