Volunteer Opportunity

Calling All Recent CAPMs!

We are looking for recent CAPMs to share their exam experience with our newest Career Academies senior class of 2024. Could you spend about two hours with us to share anything you remember from your experience?

More About CAPM
What does a speaker do?: You would work together with the PMISWO AVP of Secondary Ed Outreach on the best time and location for you to participate.
  • Usually about two hours end to end, plus travel time if you’re going onsite.
  • Ideally onsite at a local Cincinnati High School or remotely login (live before June 2024 or remote only until live again August 2024 - May 2025).
  • Select a time with the instructor & PMISWO AVP based upon the academic calendar and bell schedule.
  • You review questions in advance (see below) and decide your best way to prep, if any is needed.
  • Record your session, if agreeable, so we can use it for other classes or future cohorts.
What’s the background on this?: We’ve got an incoming class of Seniors into PM 301 “CAPM Prep and Exam,” where High School Career Academies will be investing in their training over 18 weeks to sit for the CAPM exam as soon as they are 18 years old.
These Career Academy students successfully completed PM 101 Fundamentals in an 18 week classroom simulation and study cohorts, PM 201 Hands-on Community Project with actual 18 week real service project execution for applying 101 Fundamentals to community outcomes, and have qualified for enough study hours and practical experience hours to be sponsored academically and financially by the District to go for CAPM.
In partnership with us at the PMISWO Chapter, we like to work with Career Academies as volunteers to offer students added insights into career paths, exam experiences, market perceptions, and any other areas of classroom interest to foster and nurture their commitment to their success. https://pmiswohio.org/outreach#academic_outreach1
What would you talk about with the student?:
  1. What is your job now and why did you take the exam?
  2. How did you prepare for the exam and on what schedule? Any tips for classroom time vs personal time?
  3. Where did you take the exam? What did you have to do to check in for identification, secure your belongings, etc?
  4. What was the exam center & workstation like to work with? How did the scratch paper work versus question format to cross out? Anything else to note on the experience?
  5. In what exam content areas did you feel you were strongest and why? How did that change your study & practice?
  6. In what exam content areas did you feel you were weakest and why? How did that change your study & practice?
  7. What would you have done differently to prepare? What was the best tool for you to prep?
  8. What did the grading screen look like? How long did it take to load your results? How did you celebrate when you passed?
  9. How do you handle continuing education and will you take it again in 5yrs, or are you looking at PMP?
  10. What value do you believe CAPM provides to the market? Why do you think it gives a competitive advantage in finding a job?
    *We’d also like to offer the Students some Q&A time.

Lacey Strete, AVP of Secondary Ed Outreach & PMI SWO Chapter Past President

A Personal Message from Lacey

As a founding member and volunteer of our Chapter PM Academies and High School Programs, now well over a decade ago, I’m proud to represent the amazing work of our PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter Community, Partnership with Transform Consulting in Curriculum Architecture, and enablement across our global communities of other Chapter and as PMI Educational Foundation liaison. I love the adventures and lessons that come from our students and partners as the Chapter’s lead for these strategic partnerships, content creators, and community features affiliated with High School PM Academy.

We have many different ways that we feature Project Management in secondary education with PMI GHQ partnership and locally, especially in our unmatched approach to scalability and self-sustainability developed in the PMI SWO Chapter Partnership model. Specifically in the advanced maturity at our originating incubator, Deer Park Schools Career Academies, we are much further ahead than anywhere else and continue to be recognized globally for our local impact & achievements - including the first CAPM Seniors ever achieved globally!

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